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MDT 140 K

The MDT 140 K drilling rig model is positioned in the average-big size segment of multidirectional drilling  rigs  and  in  the  average-big segment  of the  drilling  rigs  for  soil  consolidation  inside  the tunnels,  thanks  to  its  original  peculiarity,  that  is the possibility to use the same machine to carry out  different  types  of  drilling  works:  micropiles and  tie  rods  accomplishing,  soil  consolidation, jet  grouting  operations  and  drilling  works  inside the  tunnels  where  the  drilling  height  up  to  5  m horizontally is requested.
Excellent  qualities  in  terms  of  maneuverability,  reliability  and productivity, even if used in extremely difficult conditions, all this thanks to the adoption of many innovative technical solutions and precise dimensioning of all the elements of the structure.
Active and passive safety devices always guarantee the most safe working conditions to the operator and other rig personnel.

• Articulation of the fifth wheels - gear motor units, mounted on the rig’s frame, enables an additional essential movement while placing the rig for drilling inside the tunnels with the drilling battery having the   diameter up to 140 mm and working depth of 13 m.
• Mast stroke 13 m for forepoling drilling inside tunnels.
• Adjustable  mast  consisting  of  the  fixed  base  stroke  3,5  m  and extension element length 2 m to achieve total stroke equal to 5 m.
Using base mast it is possible to perform reversal arc consolidation inside tunnels while base mast with extension element can be used to perform vertical/inclined or horizontal drilling for tie rods.
• Lattice extensions for mast stroke 5 m to perform vertical jet grouting with useful drilling depth up to 14 m.
• Automatic  rod  loader  with  storage  capacity  starting  from  6  drill rods length 4,5 m and max. diameter 114 mm, up to 4 drill rods length  5  m  and  max.  diameter  140  mm.  The  rod  loader  can  be used with lattice extensions to improve vertical useful drilling max. depth up to 41,4 m, or with mast stroke 13 m for tunnel drilling for a total depth max. of 43 m or with mast stroke 5 m for total depth max. of 32,5 m.
• Portable   electric   remote-control   desk,   that   guarantees   the maximum  safety  condition  and  comfort  to  the  operator,  during placement,  working  phases  and  moving;  in  particular  when climbing and drifting down from the transport carriage on the road.
• Automatic power distribution system “Load Sensing” to optimize the rig’s performance and keep the actual output very high.
• Automatic  devices’  application  facilitates  the  use  of  the  rig  even when handled by less experienced personnel.
• Ample oversizing of structural parts in view of prevention of possible critical conditions due to eventual operator’s mistakes.

The drilling machine meets the CE norms, especially the UNI-EN 791.

The 210 hp engine application ensures an exceptional capacity, that allows to achieve incomparable productivity levels.  
The  rotaries  with  max.  torque  up  to  32000  Nm  may  be  applied, with  high specific power that enables contemporaneousness of the
operation  with  other  torque  functions  and  rotation  speed,  even  in case of the double rotary head or external top hammer with rotary head installation.

All  the  functions  of  movement,  placing,  mast  positioning  and  drilling process are remote-controlled in order to minimize the idle time during different working stages. Thanks to a careful controls layout and their reduced  number,  it  will  be  easy  to  acquire  a  good  command  of  the controls for any operator.
The engine is positioned in the rear part of the rig with interposition of the antivibration mount. The display, interfaced with electronic control unit of the engine, allows to visualize all the operational parameters: so, besides the water temperature, oil pressure in the engine and other parameters, you may check the instantaneous value of  the absorbed power and fuel consumption, etc.
In case of anomaly, autodiagnosis of the engine status allows to preventthe shutdown of the rig and eventual production blockage.
Accelerator  is  also  controlled  electrically,  in  a  gradual  way,  from  the remote control panel or radio control.

Undecarriage is equipped with a rotation fifth wheel, activated by two gerboxes, that facilitates the positioning of the machine on the front of tunnel expecially during treatment of the whole frontal excavation area.
Steel  crawlers  are  moved  by  two  hydraulic  motors,  connected  with epicyclical reduction gears, which are equipped with negative parking break.
Every motor is controlled independently in order to enable the operator to effect even slight movements.

During the working stage, the machine is kept stable by four stabilizers that can be adjusted independently. All the cylinders are equipped with the blocking valves.

The main front fifth wheel, positioned on the rig structure, is provided with a coarse pitch toothing and is moved by four epicyclical reduction gear, having an integrated pinion, able to support a huge radial load.
The  articulation  group  near  the  mast  is  moved  by  two  opposite cylinders, equipped with the control valves.
The  mast  slewing  movement  is  obtained  through  the  fifth  wheel rotation.
The main rear fifth wheel, positioned on the rig structure, is provided with a coarse pitch toothing and is moved by four epicyclical reduction gear, having an integrated pinion, able to support a huge radial load.
It  supports  a  telescopic  cylinder  structurally  oversized  linking  the  rear slide of the 13 m stroke mast for tunnel drilling.
Considerable sturdiness of the structure and articulated joints ensures precise positioning of the mast, reducing at the same time moving and shaking caused while stressing during different working stages.

The mast, made of high yield point steel, is equipped with lateral guides, made of special steel, for the rotary head trolley sliding and longitudinal movement of the mast itself. The reduction gear box that activates the chain, which moves the rotary head trolley, is installed in the lower part of the mast in order to guarantee the major accessibility and rapidity of maintenance operations as well as quick installation of mast extensions and all the accessories necessary for jet grouting technology.
The gear and the chain are kept clean thanks to the large exit doors and a special device that prevents from the bug dust coming in contact with them.
With mast stroke 13 m for tunnel drilling a particular automatic device is installed to support rods and casing of varius diameters.

The rotary trolley is provided with 12 rolling bearings, eight of which are  adjustable,  to  ensure  a  correct  placement  of  the  trolley  on the lateral guides of the mast.
The trolley is also equipped with a piston for the lateral displacement of the rotary, letting free the borehole axis for the reinforcement insertion.

The  MDT  140  K  drill  rig  can  can  be  dressed  with  wide  range  of accessories  to  allow  different  personalization  depending  on  drilling technologies to be performed.

Specifications subject to change without notice. The global diffusion of the product illustrated hereby imposes, because the different norms, the use of indicative - hence not binding - images and illustrations