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MDT 60 B

The  MDT  60  B  is  a  powerful  and  very  compact drill rig, developed especially for heavy site works, offers exceptional manoeuvrability, reliability and productivity,  thanks  to  the  adoption  of  many innovative technical solutions.
The MDT 60 B rig was made for satisfying numerous demands in search of the right equipment that would permit to implement different works in reduced space conditions.
So  it  became  possible  to  carry  out  micropiles,  tie  rods  and consolidation rods, by using jet grouting technologies as well.

High extraction force that is not affected by any reduction in cue-lift thanks to the hydraulic piston.
Mast vertical axis rotation system to drill in parallel position to the crawlers.
Portable  electric  remote-control  desk,  that  guarantees  the maximum  safety  condition  and  comfort  to  the  operator,  during placement,  working  phases  and  moving;  in  particular  when climbing and drifting down from the transport carriage on the road.
Automatic  power  division  system  in  order  to  improve  the  rig’s performance and maintain the productivity at a high level.
Automatic devices’ application makes easier the use of the rig itself also by less experienced personnel.  
Ample oversizing of structural parts taking in consideration possible critical conditions due to eventual operator’s mistakes.
The drilling machine meets the CE norms, especially the UNI EN 791.

Even though the dimensions remain reduced, the possibility to install the  engine  of  102  hp  with  exceptional  capacity  permits  to  reach unequalled productivity levels.
For high performance the rotary may be applied, with torque max. up to 14000 Nm, without decreasing significantly the rotation speed.

The   articulation   is   based   on   parallelogram   with   mast   lateral positioning  system.  Mast  rotation  is  moved  by  two  independent hydraulic  cylinders  equipped  with  control  valves,  it  is  possible  to achieve  a  continuous  mast  rotation  equal  to  91,5°  for  each  side to  achieve  an  overall  mast  rotation  equal  to  183°.  
A  lateral  swing allows  positioning  of  the  hole  centre  out  of  the  track  increasing  a versatility  of  the  drilling  unit.  Mast  vertical  axis  rotation  system  to
drill  in  parallel  position  to  the  crawlers  allows  to  execute  drilling works near the walls with the minimum crawler truck’s movement.
The  substantial  rigidity  of  the  structure  and  of  the  joints,  allows  a precise positioning of the mast in addition to the drastic reduction of undesired movements due to the stresses during use rotary trolley speed and thrust force can be controlled independently.
The  mast,  made  of  high  yield  point  steel,  is  equipped  with  lateral guides  made  of  special  steel  for  the  rotary  head  trolley  sliding and  for  longitudinal  movement  of  the  mast  itself  allows  as  well  a quick installation of  the necessary accessories for grouting jetting.
Hydraulic  piston,  installed  inside,  activates  the  jack  chain  of  the rotary trolley developing maximum extraction force equal to 7 T.
The trolley is equipped with a piston for the lateral displacement of rotary, letting free the borehole axis for the reinforcement insertion.