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MDT TH26 Hydraulic piling rig is based on the concept of robust and reliable rig, safe, simple to operate, aimed to gain high productivity levels.


MDT TH26  rig is  ready  to  operate  without  any  service  crane support  as  it  is  supplied  with  a  parallelogram  system  that allows the unit to put the mast autonomously in working position and vice versa, for easy and quick start-up and transport operations.

Retractable crawlers
MDT TH26 piling rig is equipped with heavy-duty retractable crawler undercarriage for easy transportation and high working stability. The controls to extend and retract the crawlers are fully electro-hydraulic and located inside the operator’s cabin.

Base unit
MDT TH26 base unit is fitted with diesel engine, hydraulic circuit made with  main  steel  piping,  high  pressure  joints  and  JIC  type  fittings; hydraulic distributors; hydraulic oil tank; fuel tank; hydraulic filters and air filter; hydraulic pumps. The hydraulic oil cooling system was especially designed to work at severe outside temperatures.

Hydraulic system
MDT TH26 Hydraulic system is made of high quality components and is designed for operating winches, pull-down and rotary circuits simultaneously.

Rotary table
MDT TH26 rotary table is provided with two main hydraulic motors and one motor for discharge speed operation.  An automatic torque adjustment system and a continuous speed control are provided to regulate the performance of the rotary table according to soil conditions and applied drilling tool.

Built-in hydraulic winches
MDT TH26 base frame is designed to house high-capacity hydraulic main winch and auxiliary winch, both provided with safety stop control.
Main winch is also provided with a controlled freefall hydraulic system for automatic winch rope release during the drilling operations and an  automatic  rope  stop  when  down  the  hole  position  is  reached.

Operator’s cabin
MDT TH26 is  equipped  with  a  soundproofed  cabin, provided  with  adjustable  seat,  air  conditioner  and  heater. Diesel engine electronic display, mast verticality and depth finder electronic indicators are located on the operator’s control panel.