The new compacts

The new compacts: MDT40K and MDT40SK

Last year saw the birth of a new type of multidirectional drilling rig, with very compact design, positioned in the segment of the drilling rigs for indoor drilling and for soil consolidation inside the tunnels.


MDT40K and MDT40SK are the two models designed and produced by Mc Drill Technology; power unit of the first is connected to the body frame, power unit of the second is remote.
Both drill rigs, even though their small overall dimensions, take an engine that can guarantee high power and high productivity.


MDT40K was presented for the first time at Bauma 2010, receiving immediately a great success thanks to its compactness, combined with performance and reliability.



During recent exhibition Geofluid 2010, MDT40K received confirmation of previous consent, while MDT40SK was presented for the first time to the public, attracting the interest of experts.



Currently production of the two MDT compact’s drill rigs has achieved significant levels, in the order of 4 machines for month; series production also ensures reduced time and cost.

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