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MDT TH13-40

MDT hydraulic piling rig TH 13/40 is a fully hydraulic self-erecting and self-propelled equipment, designed to work with CFA - Continuous Flight Auger system and Hydraulic Hammer applications.


Self-erecting TH 13/40 model is equipped with heavy duty retractable undercarriage for high working stability and easy transportation. The base unit is mounted on slewring bearing for 360 deg. turret swing.
TH 13/40 model is equipped with a very confortable operator’s cabins, provided  with  adjustable  seats  for  excellent  operation  visibility.  Air conditioner and heater are also provided.
TH  13/40  control  panel  is  designed  with  all  levers  and  operating joysticks located in favourable positions to the operator.
A  complete  checking  system  computer  for  CFA  operations  is available on request.

Self-erecting / self-propelled
TH 13/40 rig is ready to operate without any senvice crane support as  it  is  supplied  with  hydraulic  cylinders  that  allow  the  drilling attachment  to  self-erect.  No  separate  power  pack  is  required  to operate the drilling unit.

Drilling performances
TH 13/40 hydraulic rotary table has been designed to develope 130 kNm max. torque at 10 rpm.
The drilling speed can be selected by the operator in a range up to 30 rpm. The unit is designed to drill with CFA up to 20 m depth with
the possibility to apply an interlocking type auger extension allowing a max. depth of 26 m. The rotary table stroke is manoeuvred by the main winch of the rig assuring an extraction force of 400 kN. A 50 kN pull-down winch is an optional supply.

High quality components
TH  13/40  model  is  supplied  with  first  class  components  after accurate  quality  controls.  The  hydraulic  system  is  manufactured with connections made of steel pipes with high pressure joints and JIC type fittings.

Safety device and soundproofing
MDT  hydraulic  piling  rigs  are  manufactured  according  to  the  CE regulations for safety and noise reduction level.